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What is a Podcast?

We are all very familiar with radio shows; in fact, most of us have a favorite show we listen to on a daily basis.  A podcast is basically a radio show that is available through the internet, with a few small differences.  One very nice difference is that by using free programs like iTunes you can subscribe to a podcast.  If you are a subscriber, you automatically receive the latest programs from your favorite preachers or podcasters every time they publish a new show.  You just start the iTunes program on your computer and it will do the rest.  The coolest thing about podcast’s is that like radio, they are free (except for a few big radio hosts who charge for their podcast i.e. Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck etc.)

One of the fastest growing areas of podcasting is the Christian sermon podcast.  Most churches already record their Pastor’s sermon every week, so turning that sermon into a podcast can be done quite easily, allowing many churches to reach thousands with the gospel message for a very small investment.  In fact podcasting is actually free, that is you make your own show and it is free to feature a show on iTunes.  What does require a small investment is a host site, or a website that hosts your show and uploads each episode to all your listeners.  The podcast host site we use is very reasonably priced at $50 per year… not bad for a chance to preach the gospel to any person in the world with a computer and a desire to hear.

Of course not everyone can hear the gospel in their country, but many of them can hear it through the podcasting media.  That’s where you come in… Pray, pray, pray that our ministry through podcasting might reach others for Christ.  A sister church in East Canton has several listeners a month in China! Praise the Lord!

Our church has a podcast which anyone with an internet connection can listen to through iTunes or by clicking on the link on the right side of our website and selecting the sermon they would like to hear.

If you would like a CD of one of the sermons or perhaps a copy of a series of messages you can talk to the church office and we will be happy to make it available.  We hope you enjoy this new technology and pray for this ministry as we endeavor to spread the gospel. May God richly bless you and your family.


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